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Yahama Ténéré 700 Power Kit Euro 4

Specially developed kit for Yamaha Ténéré 700 motorcycles with Euro 4 homologation. It brings an absolutely massive change from the factory setup. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy a much higher torque (both overrun and peak) up to +9 Nm; higher power (both overrun and peak) up to +7Hp . The ride will thus take on a completely different dynamic and power flow. Developed for sporting purposes. Available for the European market only (!).

The overall result is now 80Hp and 74Nm torque. Note: the basic values are based on real measurements (not according to the manufacturer's catalogue data).

The whole set consists of two parts:

1. Yahama Ténéré 700 Rally Filter Kit - a new kit (instead of the original airbox) for more power and faster acceleration. It contains pre-oiled foam filters and several parts that you can combine as you wish to improve the speed and speed of the car.

2. ECU map of the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Euro 4 - tuned map, the power gap in the middle band completely disappears, much more confident feeling when overtaking, accelerating and all riding manoeuvres now become much more agile!


Remapping the ECU is only possible if it is a factory setting with no further modifications in the past (!)

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Interested in the Power Kit? Watch the Nomad Sweeden video:

TIP: installation videos of the Rally Filter Kit can be found under Videos (2).


1. for driving in normal conditions or on the road, the assembly without pre-filter is used, see picture 1:

2. when riding in demanding (or racing) conditions such as heavy dust and sand, mud, coarse dirt - use a double air filter - and you have assembled a complete Rally Filter Kit, see picture nr 2 below. The pre-filter is made of high quality foam and acts as an additional layer of protection and will extend the running time between filter cleanings.


Benefits of the Rally Filter Kit:

- the upper pre-filter captures the largest dirt, while the inner impregnated filter captures finer particles. The result is an efficient and durable two-stage filtration system. It is designed to increase airflow to the intake and maximize engine performance. Test measurements have shown increased airflow and less tendency to clog with dust or other contaminants. Thanks to the upper basket/cage, there is no risk of deformation of the foam filter

- the lower cage prevents contaminated foam filter from being sucked into the engine

- easy to wash, reusable

- fits perfectly and makes installation easy - the shape exactly matches the original filter

- the bottom foam filter is already treated with special oil

Installation procedure:

Before installing the double air filter and the lower basket, the OEM air inlet must first be removed (!)

1. unscrew all 4 screws around the filter 2. remove the center screw 3. remove the original filter 3. insert the foam filter into the lower basket 4. put the cage with the filter back 5. put the pre-filter (always in the direction of the arrows) on the upper cage 6. screw the extension firmly 7. put the cover net on the pre-filter (if necessary)

Developed and tested for sports or racing purposes.


Can we boost the T7?

YAMAHA TÉNÉRÉ 700 installation of the Rally Filter Kit w/o top pre-filter

YAMAHA TÉNÉRÉ 700 installation of the Rally Filter Kit with top pre-filter

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